Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I don't remember my password, what to do now?

    You can acquire a new password on our dedicated Lost Password page. After you give the email address that you have used for registration, we send you an email that will guide you towards a new password. Just click on the link in that email and we will send you a new password.

  2. How can I upload pictures, and what kind of images can I use?

    The rules for uploading images can be found in the Image Upload Regulations. Please read it through carefully before uploading any pictures. After that you can go to your own Profile and click on the Upload Photo link to start adding images.

  3. How can I become a Premium Member?

    Just click on your small profile picture in the upper right corner, then choose Premium Membership option from the pop-up menu. On the next page you can choose the favored payment method, and the desired period for your Premium Membership. Then you can click on the Start Payment button. If you run into any problems, you can send us an email to kukac.

  4. Can I use the page without any Premium Membership?

    Of course you can try our Páratlan dating service for free. You can create your own Profile, upload images, send gifts, get to know other people and chat with them - this is all free. But if you want to do even more, you can subscribe to a Premium Membership!

  5. How can I block unwanted or annoying users?

    You can find a Block button on any detailed Profiles. If you block a user, he / she won't be able to contact you anymore, and you won't be able to contact them too. If you think that a particular user have violated the rules of the site, please report this to us by clicking on the Report button before blocking the user.

  6. How can I report a violation of the rules?

    You can find a Report button on every detailed profiles and chats. Just click on them and write down the things that you disapprove. Don't be afraid, the user you report about, won't know that you have reported about him / her. We are investigating each and every reports and if needed, make the necessary actions.

  7. Where can I see my credits?

    Just click on your small profile picture in the upper right corner and choose Settings: you will arrive onto you Settings page, and you can find your credits there.

  8. How can I turn off email notifications?

    This can be done on the Settings page, under Email notifications section.

  9. How can I delete my account?

    Go to the Settings page, go to the bottom and use the Delete Account link to terminate your registration.