Attila, 46 years old Online Dating Cliffwood

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Attila, Online Dating Cliffwood
Attila, Online Dating Cliffwood
Attila, Online Dating Cliffwood
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About me

New Jerseyben élek és keresem az igazit. Hát Te?

My data

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 46
  • City: Cliffwood Online Dating
  • Mother tongue: Hungarian
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • Relationship status: I'm single
  • Sexual orientation: I'm straight
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: 93 kg
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Green
  • Children: Someday, maybe
  • Who i live with: Alone

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Questions and answers

Do you like to go to the cinema? No

Do you like extreme sports? No

Do you like pets? Yes

Do you dream sometimes? No

Do you watch horror movies? No

Do you like to cook? Yes

Are you sad sometimes? Yes

Do you pick up hitchhikers? No

Do you like ice cream? Yes

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Attila, Online Dating Cliffwood


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